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James Holmquist, Lauren N Brown, Glen M MacDonald. 2021. Glen M MacDonald, Lauren N Brown, and James Holmquist. Supplemental table 1 contains accretion rates and time frames for each record in the full meta-analysis. Meta-analysis was used in the journal arti... Smithsonian.
San Francisco Estuary Institute. 2010. San Francisco Estuary Institute. CARI is a Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset of surface waters and their riparian areas consisting of polygon and line features with data-... San Francisco Estuary Institute.
San Francisco Estuary Institute. San Francisco Estuary Institute. Project Tracker is a data entry tool for uploading and editing information on wetland restoration, mitigation, and habitat conservation projects th... San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI).

4. California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM)

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San Francisco Estuary Institute. San Francisco Estuary Institute. CRAM is a cost-effective and scientifically defensible rapid assessment method for monitoring the conditions of wetlands throughout California. It ... San Francisco Estuary Institute.

5. California Vegetation (CALVEG)

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USDA Forest Service. USDA Forest Service. CALVEG is a USDA Forest Service product providing a comprehensive spatial dataset of existing vegetation cover over California. The data were creat... USDA Forest Service.
Kevin J Buffington, Karen M Thorne. 2018. Karen M Thorne and Kevin J Buffington. Lidar-derived digital elevation models often contain a vertical bias due to vegetation. In areas with tidal influence the amount of bias can be eco...

7. Marin County Lifeform Map

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Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Tukman Geospatial LLC, Aerial Information Systems. 2021. Aerial Information Systems, Tukman Geospatial LLC, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The Marin County lifeform map is a 26-class land use and land cover map of Marin County, reflecting the state of the landscape in summer, 2018. Th...
NOAA. NOAA. NGS provides Information about survey marks (including bench marks) in text datasheets or in GIS shapefiles. Note some survey markers installed by ...
NOAA. NOAA. The NOAA CO-OPS, found in the A-16 National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Portfolio, contains the locations of stations around the U.S. and its terr... NOAA.

10. Ridgway’s Rail Bird Surveys

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Point Blue Conservation Science. Point Blue Conservation Science. This dataset represents a mix of sites conducted by different entities at different points in time since 2005. The polygons were developed by diff... Point Blue Conservation Science.